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Born in Calgary, Canada

Serving Fitness + Health + Sport

three stones | SPORTS GROUP

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a platform to drive value through sport and fitness experiences

We believe the sport and fitness is ripe with passionate individuals who want to get involved, who want better experiences in their own journey towards health and performance, who want unparalleled career and investment opportunities.

We're a group of sport and fitness companies where our drive is to provide new and exciting experiences and opportunities through our platform.

3 Stones aligns the needs of all stakeholders, from customer and athlete through to our team and investors in order for everyone to all row together.

These synergies multiply the impact we can generate.

- amplify opportunities and experiences for everyone who wants to participate
- buy and build sport and fitness companies as a vital and exciting part of our society
- help individuals get involved in sport and fitness to benefit from their passions
- better the health journey experience
- better the sport development process
- better careers and investment opportunities in sport and health 

3 Stones exists to...

we’re looking to buy existing companies in sport and wellness that have a strong framework already in place

what we do

  • search for companies in sport, wellness and fitness to acquire

  • find and develop a great team to help serve our community

  • partner with individuals who present new ideas and possible companies to acquire

  • enhance the experience and drive results for wellness seekers, athletes and investors

what we value


Everything should be made as simply as possible, but not simpler.

- Albert Einstein

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three stones | SPORTS GROUP

Co-Founders Sean Bahry + Robin Bauer

Interested in partnering with us, want to work with us, have an idea in sport and fitness that you want to explore together - give us a shout, we'd love to connect!

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