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S&C Coaches don't fail because their training methods aren't good enough, they nearly always struggle from poor business decisions

Key Decision Areas We Focus On:


- positioning your company so it is distinct in the market place, to give you a competitive edge, and then focusing on lead generation activities to move from being common place to being a premium within the industry

- structuring your business and operations to create leverage, establish and align all stakeholders, build a repeatable lead generation process and create a seamless platform to grow from


- performance benchmarking for both your business and your athletes. where is your cashflow coming from, what is the lifetime value of your clients, how much does a lead cost, what should your balance sheet look like, and how should your athletes be performing


- stakeholder elationships that help drive your growth, improve the results of your athletes and establish you as a premium operation

we don't help you do better work, we help create a business platform around your work that is sustainable and scalable, delivering optimal results for your athletes

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3 Stones Badge.png

our advisory platform

this platform is how we work with you, to uncover where your business as it now, the challenges it’s facing, determine where the gaps are, and discover key insights to push you forward. our work is based on a combined 30+ years in the sports world, working with organizations, teams and conditioning coaches where we stumbled upon similar patterns amongst successful conditioning coaches and have since developed keen insights based on those patterns. these insights will help you thrive in a crowded and undifferentiated market place.

our work unfolds in four phases with you, where we go through a performance audit on your business and then share insights and specific recommendations to take you to the next level.

Phase I - we connect by phone to become familiar with each other, review your current situation and determine together if this service is a good fit to help you achieve your goals.

Phase II - we send you an agreement, including terms, and a list of materials to review and gather for our analysis.


Phase III - we do the initial discovery work over the first two weeks and then arrange a meeting via zoom to review our insights and share next steps for you to take in your business. we’ll be reviewing items like performance benchmarking, positioning, services, lead generation, financials, and roles.

Phase IV - we stay connected over a 4 weeks period while you implement the findings. we can assist via phone or email during this period.

Total time with our engagement is 6 weeks.

  • two weeks for initial review of your current state

  • four weeks followup while you implement

Cost - $500 and our guarantee is a minimum of five new clients during this six week period, more than enough to pay for this service. if you do not have five new clients from our recommendations within the six week engagement, we will continue to work with you for free until you do.

note - we truly do expect many more benefits than simply five new clients, however, that is what we'd like to guarantee to ease your decision making process

we don't help you do better work, we help create a conditioning business around your work that is sustainable and scalable, delivering optimal results for your athletes. 

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