looking to completely change the direction of your organization and get to that next level?


we work with sports organizations, clubs, and strength and conditioning coaches in a consulting fashion to uncover gaps in performance and design new solutions

Our customized consulting solutions may be the answer. We'll perform a discovery sessions with you and create a customized consulting package that meets your exact needs. 

Focus on recruiting, retention, coach development, athlete development, team culture, whatever your needs are we'll uncover with you and design the perfect solution.

six pillars to transform your organization

These six pillars form the foundation of our strategic consulting, and are also the framework for all the software we develop.


Everything we do falls under these six pillars, to ensure that the tools we create, and the innovation we pursue, will have a positive impact on organizations and S&C coaches, and ultimately enhance the athlete experience.

athlete development

Is athlete development your central focus? What are your athlete needs? What is an optimal learning environment? What are the best development pathways?


Do your coaches have distractions to deal with? Is the latest data and science being utilized? Is there a balanced approach between physical, mental and skillset development?


How are you serving athlete's needs? What value do you have to offer? What's your differentiator?


How are you developing your people? Are you creating leaders? What mindset are you cultivating?


Is your culture driving behaviour and performance? Are your values clearly defined and being lived?


Are your operations sustainable? How healthy are your books? Are you viable, feasible and desireble?

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