well, we're not a baseball team from the 30s...but we do have a lot of experience in the sports world and have combined to maximize the impact we make. there's two of us running the show, but from all our experience we feel there's an entire team behind us that has given their support, informed our direction, and driven us to develop the insights we're now sharing.


with 30+ years of experience in sport performance, we've decided to combine our knowledge and direct it towards working with coaches to help craft their winning strategy

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why 3 Stones - because it stands for a strong foundation, alignment and purpose. think stonehenge, or any of the standing stone monuments around the world, typically designed for a distinct purpose and aligned with the surrounding environment

we've worked with over 100 clubs and organizations (local, national and international) and consulted with global sporting experts creating the foundation of our experience and knowledge in sports management and performance

we've been intrinsically involved with success at every level, from local athletes developing beyond what they saw possible, to top NHL draft picks, varsity champions, Grey Cup Champion, an Olympic bronze medal, and growing a performance centre that trained over 1000 athletes, developed over 20 coaches and exceeded $2M in annual revenue. 

this breadth of experience has shaped our view of what strength and conditioning coaches need to succeed and informed our approach to developing transformative strategy


as co-founder of 3 Stones Sports Company sean is responsible for the strategic direction of our engagements, business development and partnership relations. 

outside of sean's passion and commitment to our ensuring our engagements are fully supported, you'll find him spending time with his loving dog griffey, studying the latest fantasy sports strategy and enjoying the creations of our vast local brewery scene. 

with a masters in sports administration and a bachelors in business & entrepreneurship - majoring in sport & recreation sean adds depth, skill and knowledge to your team. 

in addition to the above depth and breadth of knowledge, sean brings to our work an extensive and invaluable level of sporting experience with 15 years of coaching baseball (Manager, Head Coach and Assistant Coach positions), vast operational, strategic and management experience through being President of the Calgary Redbirds Baseball Club, Sr Operations Performance Manager of a training facility with $2M+ in revenue, and extensive Sport & Recreation Sector work.



with international sporting experience, as an athlete and coach, having studied elite performance at the highest level, and experience in strategy design and business management robin brings an impressive array of skill and experience to help craft your winning strategy. 

following a successful sporting career, having competed internationally for several years, but ultimately ending short of reaching the highest levels, robin has been passionate and committed to finding strategy, frameworks and systems that impact the performance of athletes, coaches and sports clubs.


as co-founder of 3 Stones Sports Company robin is responsible for strategy design, creating new business frameworks for strength and conditioning coaches, and partnership relations. 


when not working hard on uncovering the latest insights to leverage your business you'll find robin enjoying traditional Italian espresso, spending time with his family, and playing ultimate frisbee with his daughter.


Success is peace of mind which is a direct result of self-satisfaction in knowing you did your best to become the best you are capable of becoming

- John Wooden

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