performance indicators | THE ART OF WINNING

Everyone understands the use and need of metrics when equated to athlete performance, win-loss records, shooting percentage, GAA, or any other easy to measure indicator. What is less obvious are how to apply performance indicators to the health of a sports organization.

Performance indicators have the power to assess how your strategy is unfolding and make course corrections to ensure your club is headed in the right direction. Both leading and lagging indicators are important to this process. Integrated with your strategy we design performance metrics that get below the surface and measure root causes. Understanding adherence to values, athlete development year after year, stakeholder engagement, volunteer effectiveness, and culture are all areas that can provide a tremendous amount of value in helping lead your organization when ways to assess them have been designed.

A list of some key performance indicators for sports organizations:

- strong club ethos shared

- responsibility for performance

- focus on player and staff health and well-being

- looking at the organization as a whole in regard to performance

- shared responsibility for performance

- resource management

- functional volunteer structure

- efficient internal procedures

- ongoing communication with all stakeholders

- positive outside image

- reported stakeholder satisfaction

- established high performance culture

- adherence to values

- in-place contingency plan