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Strategy can be very powerful and effective when clearly understood and defined. It has the power to unlock the full potential of an organization and we use it to uniquely position your organization, close gaps, create club-wide alignment and drive execution. Our focus is on three main pillars - athlete, coach, leadership.

We explore how that entire system best integrates to perform at a higher level. To do so requires a carefully crafted and articulated strategy. A series of decisions need to be made to determine how your club develops and the direction it heads. Those decisions are what strategy is. From what you want to achieve over the next five years, what you stand for and represent, to who you hire, how you recruit athletes and what your development pathways consist of are all decisions that need to be made in order to form your strategy.

The decisions on how to achieve those elements determine how your team executes. The more precise those decisions are, the more aligned your team is and the better they can execute.

We believe there are six main areas of focus (cornerstones) for an organization to develop:

- Athlete Development and Coaching

- Recruitment and People (leadership)

- Culture + Finances

To develop and grow your club strategically, improving performance over time, requires making key decisions in each of those areas that can then be further developed by your team. How do you want to recruit players, how do you develop players holistically year after year, what does your high performance model focus on, what are the needs of our team, what is the experience that our organization is offering and what is the impact we want to make? The answers to those questions, as an example, start to form your strategy.

Strategy is crucial to the health of an organization and with the right decisions will transform your organization and position it for continued success.


We model our strategic work after the methods of Roger Martin - one of top strategic and business thinkers of our time. In Playing to Win he describes strategy being "a set of interrelated and powerful choices that positions the organization to win" rather than a long planning document. He goes on to say that "strategy is about making specific choices to win in the marketplace". Roger Martin talks about how competitive advantages are created by “deliberately choosing a different set of activities to deliver unique value" and that strategy requires an organization to make "explicit choices - to do some things and not others — and building a business around those choices. In short, strategy is choice." Source: How Strategy Really Works

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