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Improve how you operate your training business - for S&C Coaches and Personal Trainers.

  • Build an entire system that differentiates yourself within a crowded market

  • Define values, principles and beliefs that come to life within your system and are shared with your athletes and clients

  • Set goals and align metrics to track progress and identify gaps

  • Understand all the tools and resources you need to succeed

  • Utilize mentors and stakeholders for your success and your athletes' success

This course is designed to help you define, grow, and run your business.

Whether you're brand new or an experienced vet, we aim to get you better results through alignment and congruency. Our videos and worksheets will provide you the guidance and tools to build out an entire business system. The goal is for your entire training and business system to be operating together, all the parts in sync, to maximize the value you provide your athletes, clients and stakeholders.

Coaches and trainers are only as good as the value they provide. 

Athletes fuel our passion and improving their experience is at the heart of our mission. By sharing our knowledge, we want your athletes to be more connected and aligned with a simple approach that puts them at the heart of your work.

8 Chapters

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With worksheets attached for each section to download and fill in as you go

17 Videos

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Recorded by our co-founders Sean and Robin, sharing their insight into the S&C world

Full Review

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We are happy to review your entire system after completing the course and offer 1-on-1 feedback

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For $99 - Gain immediate access to the full course

the course curriculum

Course Introduction

Welcome from 3 Stones | Keys to Your Success + Your Commitment 

Who You Are

Your Why | Your Core Values | Your Core Beliefs | Your Success



Who Are They | Why They Matter | Keys to Their Success



Mentors | Needs | Request



Key Objectives | System Objectives | KPIs


The System

Priorities | Tools | Skills & Education



Habits | Get Started, Adapt and Build Your Ideal Schedule


Metrics for Success

Your Specific KPIs



Closing Comments



Who is this course designed for?

Our primary target are S&C Coaches looking to find the edge with their business. All of the content applies to the personal training world as well.

How long is this course?

There are 17 short videos, 3 to 5 minutes, with worksheets that you can download in each section. We anticipate being able to easily complete the course within 30 days

How do I get the most out of this course?

Our goal was to create a course that offered tremendous value in terms of how coaches can design their business system. The videos are short and easy to get though, the crux of the work comes from digging deep into the worksheets. The more you can uncover about yourself, your athletes, and your business as you work through each section the value you will take from this course.

For only $99

Re-energize your business


Action is the foundational key to all success.

- Picasso

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